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Gay character customization games

Video games have been an outlet to express oneself. They let players control the lives of their characters and let them go on journeys that wouldn’t be possible in any other media, from creating a new city or achieving the prize of the final boss. In essence, they’re an art and should be treated accordingly. This is why it’s vital for game designers to include characters that reflect a variety of experiences and people including minorities, queer people, to people who have disabilities.

Gay avatar games

The gaming industry is making significant advancements towards inclusion, with companies such as Bethesda, Ubisoft, and numerous others taking innovative and commercial risks to slowly introduce LGBT characters into their games. Characters such as Tracer, Soldier:76 and others are now included in the popular multiplayer shooter Overwatch. This has shown that the risks are paying off. The addition of these characters has made gamers feel like Overwatch is more relatable and offers more depth due to their inclusion.

lgbtq dress up games

Not only are the big-budget games beginning to feature LGBTQ characters. Independent developers of smaller scale are also pushing the boundaries of inclusion. Dream Daddy, a dad-dating game released in 2017 has been celebrated for its inclusion of male and female characters who do not have to be confined by gender binary. Other games that are independent, such as Fire Emblem, which has a significant number of LGBTQ characters that aren’t identified by their sexuality, have been praised for their inclusion of characters with diverse backgrounds.

gay dress up games

One of the initial major developments in LGBTQ inclusion in gaming was seen in the release in 2007 of Mass Effect. The game introduced a vast world of diverse species and also the possibility for players to develop relationships with characters irrespective of gender. This game was a huge advancement in the world of gaming and set the benchmark for future games.

gay dress up

Recent games like Assassin’s Clead Odyssey have also included LGBTQ characters who aren’t defined through their sexuality. The game’s Xenia character is a vibrant pirate who is openly bisexual and doesn’t show any signs of repression or guilt. Her inclusion was welcomed relief from the usual depictions of LGBTQ in video games.

In the same way the upcoming BioWare game Dragon Age: Inquisition includes the possibility for players to fall in love with V who is transgender or not. The option is entirely voluntary, however the possibility that BioWare has made it available to every level shows that they’ve made the effort to ensure that their games reflect the diversity of the general public.

These games demonstrate that LGBTQ inclusion in gaming is not just possible but also highly desirable. The addition of these characters aids in mainstream LGBTQ relations, and helps hatred and bigotry become an outdated notion. It’s up to the players to select games featuring LGBTQ characters that match their personal interests and identity. We encourage our students as well as faculty to participate in these games and to seek out even more games with a diverse range of characters.